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I N D E P E N D E N C E D A Y 2 0 2 1


Completing higher studies from reputed institutions of California is a dream of millions. The world class universities, high standard of living, package of excitement with richness in culture and ambience, makes it definitely a yes to pursue your higher studies from California. California is a big state providing a wide range of quality programs to make a career in. California is a significant contributor in areas like Aerospace, Technology, Agriculture, Business making it a state inviting most number of international students on its land. When it comes to receiving higher education, institutions of California hold great reputation for providing high-class education. There are about 700-750 Universities and colleges in California. Here are universities in California which are in top ranks: 1. Stanford University 2. University of California-Berkely 3. California Institute of Technology 4. University of California-Davis 5. University of California-Los Angeles 6. University of California- San Francisco 7. Delaware State University 8. University of California-Santa Cruz 9. San Diego State University 10. California State University, East Bay Stanford University ranked second all over the world as well as in the U.S. Some institutions of California also provide ESL (English Second Language) program which aims to help students in connecting with people with the same backgrounds. California’s climate and geography is also one of the reasons which attracts students as they can enjoy natural beauty while studying abroad. The scenic beauty, beautiful forests and parks are some of the eye catching beauty in California. Though the cost of tuition fees and living may be a bit pricey to your pockets and not easy to afford, yet there are financial aids available for students which can help in covering some of their tuition fees. But the quality of education you will receive makes it worthy as the liberal and culturally diverse nature of the state and its people will certainly increase your potential and talent.